Sedums are a genus of plants incorporating around 400 different species of plants.  These plants are succulents and are known for being tough little plants.  They are very popular for use in green roofs for that reason.

A green roof is essentially a garden covering a roof to reclaim water and provide cooling, insulating properties for the structure below.  Sedums are also popular for rock gardens with their shallow root structures and as ground covers.


The care of sedums varies drastically by species.  Some tolerate dry heat while others are frost tolerant.  It is best to consult your seed packet or plant tag to check for its care requirements.  Most sedums are perennial if the species is hardy in your zone and can tolerate the worst soil conditions with good drainage.

I have experience with growing a few species and they have been quite easy to germinate in warm, moist soil and are able to handle transplanting with ease.  Most sedums just do not like standing water, which will cause them to rot.  Many sedums are also easy to propagate by cuttings.  The greenhouse is an ideal environment for propagation.

Rugged and beautiful, I love these little plants.