Necta Zee Nectarine Tree

Prunus persica nucipersica

This nectarine tree flowers in the mid-spring with pink blossoms and produces large red skinned fruit. Nectarine fruit is best when ripened on the tree.  Pick while the fruit are on the firmer side.  Necta Zee generally fruits mid-summer.

I visited the Springs Preserve when it first opened and was very excited when I first saw this nectarine tree growing in a container.  Three years later I saw the same tree in the same container and it was extremely healthy and vigorous.  This encouraged me to purchase my own Necta Zee from a local nursery and planted it in a large pot.  The prospect of having dwarf fruit trees in my urban backyard for my own personal little orchard inspired me to continue to look for dwarf fruit trees to add to my collection!

As a bonus, the Necta Zee nectarine tree is self-fertile.

Foliage: Deciduous
Height: Dwarf version grows to five or six feet.
Soil: Fertile

Hardy in Zones 5 to 9.