Who is Desert Greenhouse Guide?

My name is Hilery and I grew up in the midwest.  My family lived in the suburbs, had a large vegetable garden and plentiful flower beds.  I was allowed by my parents to grow whatever my heart desired and most of the time it grew.

As an adult, I moved to Nevada smack in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  I made the mistake of trying to grow flowers in front of a west facing house.  The plants failed miserably, or rather, I failed the plants.

I gave up on gardening for a couple years.

Then my husband and I moved into a “fixer-upper” home and the yard was a mess. It was tending those planting beds that I realized that living in a harsh climate takes special considerations when growing plants.  I never liked sitting in full sun on a hot summer day, why would my delicate flowers?

A lot of research ensued on “xeriscaping”, or designing your landscape with plants that thrive in your climate, and with the help of my husband, we had beautiful flower beds and used minimal water and grew like crazy!

Why a Desert Greenhouse Guide?

We moved out of the city onto an acre plot of land.  The home was new construction, so the yard is blank slate.  I have envisioned in the back corner of the property a beautiful garden and in the middle a greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse, sheltered from the elements, a year-round vegetable garden.  And so my greenhouse adventure began!  We have since moved back to the city, however my love of gardening and greenhouses followed me.

Join me on this journey from construction to production and everything in between!

Who should use Desert Greenhouse Guide?

Anyone interested in Greenhouse Gardening!  All the articles on the site can be used by anyone.  Inserted into the articles are “Desert Greenhouse Guidelines” for those that live in desert climates.

With a focus on the organic gardening process and greenhouses, Desert Greenhouse guide has something for every hobby gardener!  I have also written the book Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Success to help new and prospective greenhouse gardeners learn from my experiences of growing indoors.